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avance chipie powder cake with icing sugar in 2 colors

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【Product Description】

A light and gentle powder that modifies the pores you care about, leaving your skin looking smooth and delicate.

Also suitable for use when touching up makeup outside.

A fine powdery powder that wraps the skin like a translucent veil to trim the pores you care about.

No matter when, it is as light and soft as makeup.

For dry skin, it is recommended to use【01-Natural】, matte effect

For those who are concerned about dull skin, it is recommended to use【02-Lucent】with glitter powder for pearl effect.

This product is only for loose powder core, the box and puff are sold separately, and it is suitable for 4 color makeup boxes.

Makeup Box:

It can also be freely combined with avance chipie frosting eye shadow, powder, etc.

アヴァンセ パウダーの通貨2 o'clock |アヴァンセ / シピエ フェイスグラッセの口コミ (by あずきともさん)|Beauty and Cosmetics Information はアットコスメ

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