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avance chipie icing blush in total 6 colors

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Natural luster and three-dimensional effect, giving cheeks a throbbing color like first love. Because it is very light and transparent, you can control your favorite hair color by superimposing. Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide and other moisturizing ingredients.

This product is only for blush core, the box and brush are sold separately, and can also be freely combined with avance chipie frosting eye shadow, powder, etc.

Makeup Box:
Blush Brush:

◆【PK-2】Smoky Powder---Rose pink. Daily makeup for fair skin tones

◆【RS-1 】 Cherry Rose

◆【PK-1】Peach Pink---Cute yet stable

◆【OR-1】Apricot Orange---A casual and healthy orange.

◆【RD-1】Retro red---stable and complex

◆【N-01 】Highlight

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