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AVANCE Essence Nourishing Mascara

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【Product Description】
AVANCE Essence Nourishing Mascara Thick Black: Linear Rocket Brush ▼

Slender section: long and short double-sided comb-shaped brush head

Thick section: Curved twisted brush head

Waterproof, sweat-proof, not easy to smudge, thick black and long cosme prize, the same beauty ingredients as the eyelashes revitalizing repair liquid EX are added.
Makeup + eyelash maintenance, the beauty essence completely covers and protects the eyelashes, like a protective film, waterproof, sweat-resistant, and anti-smudge.
Does not pull the eyelashes, the roots are distinct and not clumped.
A rich carbon black formula with added gloss wax. The long and short double-sided comb-type brush head is adopted. The short bristles can support the roots of the eyelashes and lift it upwards, while the long bristles can comb the eyelashes, which are soft and not tangled, so that the paste can be evenly adhered, and the lashes are doubled and curled. Short or lower lashes close to the eye can be reinforced with the front of the brush to create perfectly long lashes. Removable with warm water.

【Size】Package size W89*D23*H164mm

Product size W16*D16*H113mm

1. From the root of the eyelashes, gently lift the eyelashes, swing the Z-shaped brush slightly from side to side, and brush upwards to the end of the eyelashes.
2. If you want to make the eyelashes thicker, after brushing one layer, you can repeat the brushing when it is half dry.

【Precautions / How to save】
1. Do not use if the skin has symptoms such as wounds, eczema, etc.
2. When using, if the skin is abnormal, please stop using it immediately.
3. When using, if the skin is red, swollen, itchy, tingling and other discomfort, please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may cause symptoms to worsen.
4. When taking out the brush head, be careful not to drip the paste.
5. Please tighten the cap after use.
6. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.
7. If it accidentally gets into the eyes, do not rub it, please wash it with water immediately.
8. If the brush head gets dirty, please remove it gently with a cotton swab.
9. Do not place it where infants and young children can easily get it.
10. Do not place in extremely high and low temperature, humid environment or direct sunlight.
11. Do not dilute this product with liquids such as water or lotion.
12. Be careful not to contaminate clothing.


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