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【Class 2 medicines】ダスモックa Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Qingfei Runfei Decoction Powder Granules 16 packs/box

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【Class 2 medical products】ダスモックa 16 packs

Product Features
●Suitable for those who have persistent cough and expectoration due to cigarettes and exhaust gas ●Traditional Chinese medicine prescription Seihaito softens cough and phlegm while removing dirt from the bronchial mucosa ●Bronchi conditions return to normal and make breathing easier

【Ingredient content】One day serving two packs of Qinghai extract... 3.2g
<crude drug equivalent>
Orgon 1.0g
Kikyo 1.0g Boiled White 1.0g
Almond 1.0g
Sanshi 1.0g
Tempura 1.0g
Fritillaria 1.0g Rooster 1.0g
Tai Shou 1.0g
Bamboo 1.0g
Kangaroo 1.5g
Angelica 1.5g
Bakumondou 1.5g garbage 0.25g
Ginger 0.25g
Licorice 0.5 g

Adult (over 15 years old)
Granules: 1 pack at a time, twice a day Tablets: 5 tablets at a time, twice a day with water or hot water before or after meals (not allowed under the age of 15)


ダスモックa16 pack は, タバコや row 気ガスなどで, せき・たんが続くfang のお斬です. The Kampo prescription "Qingfeitang (せいはいとう)" is がせき・たんをやわらげます. The state of the tube branch is normal, near, and breathing.

【Note on use】
●Talk about すること
1. The second person should talk to a doctor, a doctor and a registered dealer before taking it.などにより rash, red, かゆみ, etc. をこしたことがある
2. After use, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the cessation of taking the medicine, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, the registered dealer, and the relationship site and symptoms≫
・Skin: rash, redness, かゆみ

ま れ に 下记の重歸な Symptoms が こ る こと が あ る.その occasion は Straight ち に Physician's diagnosis and treatment
≪Name of symptoms and symptoms≫
・ Inter -quality pneumonia: stage を がっ た た り, Shao し た し た た り する た た た れ する が く し く る る る る る る る る る る る が が み み み られ られ た た た た た た た た り するかゆみ, rash, jaundice, brown urine, whole body だるさ, loss of appetite, etc.
3.1 In case of symptoms and symptoms of monthly use, please stop taking it, and if you are a doctor or a doctor, you should talk to the registered dealer.

【Effect and efficacy】
Moderate physical strength

The amount of time, before eating, and between meals, water and soup, take it.
Adults (over 15 years old) 1 pack 2 times a day
Before the age of 15, take it しないこと【Usage and dosage are related to する Attention】
定められたUsage and Dosage

【Ingredients and quantities】
1 day's supply (2 packs: 6.0g) 3.2g of Zhongqingfei Tang エキス
(オウゴン・・・1.0g, キキョウ・・・1.0g, ソウハクヒ・・・1.0g, キョウニン・・・1.0g, サンシシ・・・・1.0g, テンモンドウ・・・1.0g, バイモ・・・1.0チンピ...キョウ...
Additives として, ステアリンacid Mg, anhydrous ケイacid, l-メントール, プロピレングリコール, lactose を containing する する を を ているため, granules of color

【Caution on storage and retrieval】
・Direct sunlight's when it's wet and wet, so little, cool, and cool.

Long-term continuous use of the occasion, the doctor, the doctor, and the registration of the seller can talk about it.