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Little White Rabbit Pharmaceutical MEDICATED LACALUT NEW-5 Medicated Toothpaste 190g

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【product description】

Prevent pyorrhea, prevent gum inflammation, prevent tartar deposition, prevent tooth decay and progression, prevent bad breath, remove tobacco scabs, remove teeth whitening, purify mouth, freshen breath.

The medicinal ingredient "chlorhexidine gluconate" kills periodontal germs, and "aluminum chloroaluminate" tightens the gums and prevents periodontal disease (pyorrhea/gingival inflammation).
The medicinal ingredient "Sodium Polyphosphate" inhibits the deposition of tartar, which tends to become a breeding ground for periodontal bacteria, and provides good care to keep teeth and gums healthy.


  • Put an appropriate amount on toothpaste and brush your teeth.

    【Classification of Medicines】

    Quasi medicine

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