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KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Fresh Breath Water Flavor 50 Capsules / Bag

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Product Features

● Take with water, the capsules with cooling ingredients (menthol and coriander oil) go directly to your stomach and release fresh breath from your stomach! ●This is a fresh-tasting capsule that refreshes your breath. ●You can enjoy anytime, anywhere without worrying about bad breath. ●Small size, easy to carry.

【Nutritional ingredients】
・Each 50 capsules contains 54kcal energy, 1.7g protein, 5.0g fat, 0.57g carbohydrate, 0-0.0035g salt equivalent
・Energy 107kcal / 100 capsules, protein 3.4g, fat 9.9g, carbohydrate 1.1g, salt equivalent 0-0.007g

【Raw materials】
Vegetable oils and fats, gelatin, coriander oil/glycerin, flavors, sweeteners (stevia), colorants (red 102, red 106)

【The following occasions】
After eating food with garlic and drinking alcohol

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