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【Class 2 medicines】 Sato Pharmaceutical Rhinitis Spray 30ml/bottle

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【Function effect】
Relief of the following symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis or sinusitis:
stuffy nose, runny nose (excessive runny nose), sneezing, heavy head

Adults (15 years and older) spray 1 to 2 nasal sprays, up to 6 times. Also, please leave at least 3 hours
7-14 years old 1-2 times
Do not use under 7 years old (notes regarding usage and dosage)
(1) Please strictly abide by the prescribed usage and dosage.
(2) Excessive use may cause nasal congestion.
(3) When used for children, please use it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian.
(4) Please use only for nasal drops.

[Ingredient efficacy] Naphazoline hydrochloride 50mg in 100ml can shrink blood vessels in the nasal cavity, reduce congestion and inflammation, and improve nasal congestion.
Chlorpheniramine Maleate 500mg relieves nasal congestion and runny nose due to allergies.
Benzalkonium chloride 10mg has a bactericidal effect and can inhibit the inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by bacteria.

【Caution for storage】
(1) Cover and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
(2) Please keep it out of the reach of children.
(3) Do not replace other containers. (This could lead to abuse or altered quality.)
(4) Do not share with others.
(5) Do not use the product after the expiration date.

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