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【product features】

Removes excess substances such as old dead skin cells to create a cuticle layer that is easy to lock in moisture.
It is an exfoliating lotion that can create a non-dull* skin-like moisturizing and beautiful skin.

*Darkness caused by dirt and old dead skin cells
○Focus on skin physiology to keep the skin that protects life in a healthy, moist, plump state.
Protect your skin from external environmental damage such as dryness, and create your own healthy skin*.
*Healthy skin refers to skin with a balanced, hydrated and healthy stratum corneum.
-THE GINZA's unique ingredient, Royal Ginza Sensation Complex Essence™ (Moisturizing and Repairing)
(Prickly pear fruit extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, ginkgo biloba extract (antioxidant), glycerin)

○ Gently exfoliates excess skin while keeping skin hydrated. Create clear skin that feels smooth and hydrated.
ーTMG (an ingredient that adjusts skin texture and locks in moisture) (betaine)
ーVegetable NT Capsules (Adsorbs Sebum) (Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin)
○Contains Scutellaria baicalensis root extract for brighter and more radiant skin.
○Use with "Ginza Platinum Crystal Rejuvenation Cream P" to create a strong skin barrier.
○ Creates bare skin with smooth, smooth and even skin texture every time you use it.
○Use it together with the special cotton pad "Ginza Refreshing Pad". Exfoliates dead skin cells with a gentle skin feel.
○Conditioning the skin and promoting the absorption of the next step of skin care products.
○The elegant and fresh Linden Fragrance™ makes daily maintenance a quiet time of spiritual satisfaction.
○ Tested by dermatologists.



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