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SOFINA whitening/high moisturizing sunscreen lotion SPF30/50 PA++++ (moisturizing type) 30g

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Product Description
Enhance the "moisturizing power" of the stratum corneum to maintain health.

Ceramide care ingredient *1 combination
Protects skin from UV rays and air conditioning daytime dryness and keeps it moisturized throughout the day ​​2 .

Moisturizing: Hexadeciloxy PG Hydroxyethyl Hexadecanamide
* 2
Apply from morning to evening drop

Contains iTPS complex * (moisturizer)
Contains ingredients cultivated for about 3 years from the petals of Moonflower and carefully selected plant extracts.
Tuberose Polysaccharide, Eucalyptus Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Glycerin

 The combination of active whitening ingredients Camomila ET inhibits the production of melanin and prevents dark spots and freckles.

 Cut off UV A and B waves for a long time
 Can also be used as a base makeup.
 light floral fragrance

Ceramide Care: Care that protects and replenishes ceramide function and imparts moisture.

Day Lotion /UV Lotion 【How to Use】
Take an appropriate amount and apply all over the face.

 Apply evenly, making sure there is no unpainted residue.
 When the dosage is small, it is difficult to obtain the anti-ultraviolet effect.
 When removing, please wash carefully with facial cleanser.

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