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SOFINA high moisturizing revitalizing lotion 60g

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Product Description
 Enhance the "moisturizing power" of the stratum corneum to maintain health.

 Continuous Ceramide Care Prescription
A moisturizing retention layer is densely arranged between dry and turbulent stratum corneum cells.
The stratum corneum stays moisturised for a long time without letting the water run off.

Contains iTPS complex * (moisturizer)
Contains ingredients cultivated for about 3 years from the petals of Moonflower and carefully selected plant extracts.
Tuberose Polysaccharide, Eucalyptus Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Glycerin

 light floral fragrance

Ceramide Care: Care that protects and replenishes ceramide function and imparts moisture.

Lotion / Cream / Lotion Beauty Serum

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