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Pigeon Anti-Allergy Breast Pads Premium 102 Tablets

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【Product Description】 

Anti-allergic breast pads, especially recommended for mothers with delicate nipples and new mothers.

Soft and silky to the touch, gentle on sensitive skin.
Suitable for those who are prone to itching and worry about rough skin.

The part that touches the nipple is soft and fluffy.
Fluffy in the middle, gently wraps the nipple.

Breastmilk Immediate Absorption Polymer absorbs breastmilk quickly. It also prevents deformation reversal.
The surface is always smooth and comfortable and fully ventilated.
The area around the pads prevents sticking and the chest area is neat and slender.

Reliable absorption. Absorb large amounts of breast milk during the neonatal period.

Three-dimensional cups prevent twisting and deformation for long-lasting shape retention
5 non-slip tapes, not easy to slip.

★ It is recommended that you replace the anti-allergic breast pads after each feeding
Change breast pads every 3-4 hours while breastfeeding.
Body temperature coupled with nutrient-rich breast milk makes absorbed breast milk more prone to spoilage and bacteria growth.

Let's change it frequently and keep it clean so that both mother and baby can have a comfortable breastfeeding life.

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