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Pigeon Baby Bottle Sterilizer Clip

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【Product Description】
Used to hold feeding bottles, pacifiers, weaning tableware, etc.
★The bottle holder is designed at an angle that can easily grip the baby bottle, and uses a soft material, which is not easy to slip your hands and can also hold the glass baby bottle with peace of mind.
★It can be safely disinfected by liquid medicine and boiling methods.
★The handle will not feel hot, suitable for hand holding, and can securely clamp the bottle, pacifier, weaning tableware, etc.
★The locking part of the clip handle can be removed, and it is easy to clean to maintain hygiene.
1. When sterilizing by boiling: ※ When taking out the lying sterilized bottle, please properly clamp the central part of the bottle with the bottle clip. ※Clamp the bottle body with the bottle clip, and pour out the hot water in the bottle by tilting it. ※Because the baby bottle during and after disinfection is very hot, when pouring out the hot water in the bottle, do not touch the baby bottle with your hands to avoid burns.
2. When sterilizing the medicinal solution: ※ When taking out the upright sterilized milk bottle, clamp the neck of the milk bottle with the bottle clamp. After taking it out from the medicinal solution, take the bottle body by hand and pour the medicinal solution out of the bottle. ※In order to prevent the liquid from spilling or the bottle body falling, do not pour out the liquid medicine by holding the bottle with the bottle clamp. ※When taking out the bottle in the lying state, please hold the center of the bottle body with the bottle clip, and pour out the disinfectant in the bottle.
3. Do not use the bottle clip to clamp the ring of the bottle to avoid the risk of the bottle falling.
4. Do not put this product directly near the fire source or the bottom of the hot pot, so as to avoid the possibility of deformation of the bottle.
5. Please wash thoroughly after use, and store it after thoroughly removing moisture. If there is moisture, there may be rust or mildew.
6. This product cannot be sterilized in a microwave oven.
7. Do not put this product into the washing and drying machine.
8. If this product is washed with vegetable melon cloth, the product may have scars.
9. Please place this product out of the reach of infants and young children.

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