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MINON AminoMoist Sensitive Skin Age Skin Mini Set

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【Product Description】
The goal is to achieve sensitive skin care and aging care.
Hypoallergenic skin care for sensitive and aging skin.
In addition to the skin problems specific to sensitive skin, there are also worrying countermeasures for dull, firm, and lackluster skin.
You can thoroughly experiment with moisturizing lotions, creams and essential oils.

【internal volume】
Moisturizing lotion 20ml (about 10 days)
Moisturizing lotion 20g (about 10 days)
Essential oil 0.5g x 2 packs

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MINON AminoMoist Sensitive Skin Age Skin Moisturizing Lotion 150ml

MINON AminoMoist sensitive skin age muscle cream 100g

MINON AminoMoist Sensitive Skin Age Skin Essence Oil 20ml

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