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Merries First Premium Adhesive Diapers

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【Product Description】
1. Kao patented technology "soft air weave"
To achieve the top soft and soft like Kashmir wool, carefully select the highest quality materials, and give the newborn baby the ultimate skin care.

2 times やわらか(*)カシミヤタッチ. Air volume 2.6 times (*1) × 绢より小い(*2) (*The ratio of the exterior parts from the company, ※1 ふんわり production method, ※2 なめらか material)
2. Natural source organic - Moroccan argan oil ingredient added to the inner layer - the inner layer in contact with the baby's skin, added with natural source Moroccan oil ingredient

3. 100% super breathable material*
Breathable and circulated from the inside out, the stuffy moisture does not accumulate
*Does not include re-applied tape

4. The innovative concave-convex three-dimensional absorption surface layer touches the skin softly and completely absorbs soft stools.
Dry, non-sticky and non-infiltrating, the ultimate care for tender skin

5. Three-dimensional leak-proof - side and rear leak-proof design*

Long-term absorption in large quantities - sleep well until dawn

Repeated use of Velcro-arc design, care for baby's skin

Wetness indicator line design** When it turns blue, you can change your baby's diaper feature_img04
*Back leakage prevention design is only available on S and M size products
**Because the raw material of the urine wetness indicator line is quite sensitive to the change of humidity in the surrounding environment. In a high temperature and humid environment, the display line may change from the original yellow to slightly blue or slightly green.
This is within the normal range, in addition, direct sunlight may also make the diaper display line ineffective.

Newborn 1 (weight below 3000g)
Newborn 2 (weight below 5000g)
S weight 4-8kg)
M (weight 6-11kg)

【Be sure to read before use】

● Frequently replace and wipe off fecal residues on the skin.
● If you notice any abnormality in your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
● Keep out of reach of children and keep disposable diapers and outer bags away from their mouths.
> Accidental ingestion first aid

● The color of the pee sign may change partially even if it is not used under high humidity conditions, but there is no problem in use. In addition, due to environmental influences such as sunlight and temperature, the color of the logo after absorption may become blue-green.
● Do not place the product in a hot place such as near a heater, as it may deform or discolor.
● The color of the outer bag may fade, so please be careful not to stain it with detergent.
● The polymer water-absorbing material used by Merries will turn into jelly-like particles after absorbing water. It is safe to touch a child's skin.
● If you accidentally wash with your clothes, after spinning, scrape off the pulp and gel particles from the clothes and remove any residue left in the washing machine.

【raw material】

Surface material: polyester/polyolefin non-woven fabric Absorbent material: absorbent paper/cotton pulp/acrylic polymer absorbent material Waterproof material: polyolefin film Fastener: polyolefin etc. Elastic material: polyurethane adhesive: styrene elastomer Synthetic resin, etc.

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and wear of the date of printing due to scratches and collisions, but usually does not affect the quality of the product.