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Mama&kids Baby Moisturizing Cream 75g

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【Product Description】
【Moisturizer/face and body can be used from day 0 of birth】
🌟Imitates the ingredients in Mommy's womb to effectively moisturize dry skin 🌟Guard baby's delicate skin from birth 🌟Low irritation & moisturizing long-lasting moisturizing

💗8 kinds of amino acids in amniotic fluid

●No fragrance ●No coloring ●Weak acidity ●Low irritation ●Paraben free ●Mineral oil free ●Alcohol (methanol) free ●Petroleum based surfactant free 3-year-old baby's skin test ※Passed the Japanese skin test for sensitive skin

If you haven't used it before, it is recommended to buy the mini combination package to try it out. Mama&kids Newborn Baby Care MINI Combination

Style: standard, limited bear


1. In the dry season of autumn and winter, it is recommended to use this cream after lotion. You can use one of them in spring and summer.

2. Do not forget the joints of the back, hands, feet, neck, etc.



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