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【Class 3 medicines】LIONデントヘルスR Gingival Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Ointment R 40g

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【Class 3 medicines】デントヘルスR 40g

【Effect and efficacy】
Relief of periodontitis and periodontal disease, various symptoms of stomatitis (bleeding, redness, swelling, pain, itching, sticky mouth, bad breath)

For swollen and bleeding gums, alveolar pyorrhea, and a feeling of air, apply this medicine directly to achieve the effect, and apply it directly with your fingers

【Dosage and usage】
Periodontitis/Bubble-purulent abscess: After brushing your teeth every day (morning and evening), apply an appropriate amount (about 0.3 g, about 1.5 cm) to the gums on your fingers.
Mouth ulcers: Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area 2 to 4 times a day


この goods, medical products, medical products, tongji さ れ てい る supplementary documents を must be ず お 読 み く だ さい.
※Products such as リニューアル are suitable for occasions such as によりパッケージ and different capacity.ご く だ さ い.
Manufacturer ライオン Co., Ltd.
歯 ぐ き や 歯 Zhou ポ ケ ット に で り込 む 歯 ぐ き や 歯 歯 ぐ き や 歯 歯 で り込 む 歯 ぐ き や 歯 歯 で で す.
Bleeding, pain, mouth, halitosis, phlegm, pustules, and other symptoms of oral inflammation.
歯 ぐ き に り や す く, cool や か な ゲルタイプです.
The expiration date of medicinal products
Medical products are not limited to no limit, and the expiration date is more than 1 year. Within 1 year, the expiry date of the product is listed.
Note on use
■Talk about すること
1. The second person is a doctor before use, and a doctor is a doctor.
(2) I am a person of the physique of the family.
(3) People with symptoms of 斬によりアレルギー.
2. Occasions of the second time, direct use, discontinuation, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor and doctor, talk about it (1) After use, the symptoms of the second time are the occasions

[Relationship Site: Symptoms]
Skin ふ: rash, red, かゆみそのother: abnormal taste

(2) Occasions when using しても symptoms がよくならない
Alleviation of symptoms such as meatitis and pustules in the groin (bleeding, redness, pain, pain, and bad breath).
Porkitis and pustules in the groin: 2 times a day (morning and evening) after ブラッシング, an appropriate amount (about 0.3g, about 1.5cm) を にのせ, 歯 ぐ き に 歯 ぐ き に り込 んでください.
Oral inflammation: 2 to 4 times a day, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area.
Note on usage related (1) In the case of させる には, もとに of the protector's guidance and supervision use させてください.
(2) Use してください with にのみ.
ingredient amount
Ingredients in 100g: グリチルリチン Acid Dikarima 0.4g
セチルピリジニウム塩 0.05g
Add objects ボキシビニ ル ポ ル ポ リ , ー, ヒプロメロ ヒプロメロ ー ス (ヒドロキシ プロピ ル メチ ル セ ル ロ ー ス), ポビド ン, ア ル ギ ン acid ナ ト リ ウム, pH adjustment 剤, グ リ セ リ ン, エタノ ー ル, ポ リ ソ ル ベ ー ト 60, ス テ ア リ ン ソ ル ビタ ン, sugar fatty acid エ ス ス エ ス, spice, l-メ ン ト ー ル
Keep it safe
(1) When the sun shines, it is safe to keep it in the place where the sun shines.
(2) Small children's hands will be kept at the place where they are kept.
(3) His container is replaced by えないでください. (The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わることがあります.)