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【Designated Class 2 Medicines】EXCEDRIN PLUSs Low Back Pain and Joint Pain Relief Tablets 24 Tablets

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【product description】

Gentle on the stomach, fast and effective pain reliever
1) Low back pain, joint pain, headache, shoulder pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, fracture pain, symptom pain, bruise pain,

Menstrual pain (physiological pain), toothache, pain after tooth extraction, sore throat, ear pain, traumatic pain

2) Relieve fever when you have a cold/fever


Try not to use on an empty stomach
Over the age of 15, take two tablets twice a day, with intervals of at least six hours

【Raw materials and ingredients】

Two packs contain:

2,000 mg vitamin C

[Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 1,000 mg

Sodium L-Ascorbate 1,124.79 mg]

Riboflavin Butyrate (Vitamin B2 Butyrate) 12 mg

Additives: Corn Starch, Aspartame (L-Phenylalanine Compound), Sucrose


1. Do not take this medicine or the following people. Allergy symptoms due to the components of this medicine.

  • People who have asthma after taking this medicine or other antipyretic analgesics or cold medicines.
  • Children under 15 years old.
  • Pregnant women within 12 weeks of their due date.
  1. Do not take the following medicines while taking this medicine

Other antipyretic analgesics, cold medicines, sedatives, poisons

3. After taking this medicine, please operate vehicles or machinery and do not take it (may cause drowsiness, etc.)

4. Do not drink alcohol before or after taking it

  1. Do not take for a long time

■■ Consult ■■

  1. Please consult your physician before taking the following persons

(1) A person who is being treated by a doctor or dentist.

(2) A pregnant woman or a person believed to be pregnant.

(3) People who are breastfeeding.

(4) The elderly.

(5) Those who have had allergic reactions to drugs.

(6) Those who received the following diagnosis. Heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, gastric/duodenal ulcer

  1. If any of the following symptoms occur after taking this medicine, it may cause side effects, so take it immediately. Please stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor or pharmacist for the instructions of the medicine.

Skin・・・ bleeding/redness, itching, bruising

Digestive organs・・・ Nausea/vomiting, loss of appetite, heartburn, upset stomach, gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in stool,

Mental nervous system...dizziness

nosebleeds, bleeding gums, persistent bleeding, bleeding, fever, sore throat, back pain, hypothermia
In rare cases, the following serious symptoms may occur. In this case, see a doctor immediately.

Symptoms immediately after shock (anaphylaxis) ... taking, itching of the skin, hives,

Hoarseness, sneezing, itchy throat, difficulty breathing, palpitations, turbidity, etc.

Mucocutaneous ocular syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxic epidermal necrolysis, acute generalized exanthematous pustules...high fever, eye redness, eyes, lips, sore throat, generalized skin redness, rash, small rash red

It is a rash (small pustules) that comes out, malaise, or persistent lack of appetite, etc., which deteriorates rapidly. Liver dysfunction: Fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes), brown urine, general malaise, loss of appetite, etc. may occur. Kidney disease: fever, rash, decreased urine output, generalized swelling, generalized dullness, arthralgia (arthralgia), diarrhea, etc. appear. or interstitial pneumonia ... stairs, - shortness of breath or a little unreasonable breathing, chest tightness cough, fever, etc., these are or suddenly appear, asthma, dyspnea aplastic anemia ... bruising, nosebleeds, Bleeding gums, fever, blue and white skin and mucous membranes

Kumieru, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, mood gets worse Klatt, blood in urine, etc.,

If the symptoms do not improve after taking 5-6 times, please stop taking it and consult your doctor with the instructions of the medicine.

【Classification of Medicines】

Designated Category 2 Medicines



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