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【Class 2 medicines】エーザイセルベール Earth Pharmaceutical Stomach Granules 12 packs/box

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【Class 2 medical products】エーザイセルベール 12 packs

【Product desciption】

Increases gastric mucus, thereby protecting the gastric mucosa from irritants such as gastric acid. In addition, it activates the movement of the stomach. Fine-grained medicament that melts quickly and is easy to drink.


Please take it with water or lukewarm water after meals
[Age] Adult (over 15 years old)
One sachet 3 times a day
[Age] Children (under 15 years old)
Prohibited to take

【Ingredient content】The following ingredients are included in 3 sachets per day for adults.
[Ingredients] Teprenon
[Content] 112.5 mg
[Function] Increases gastric mucus, protects the stomach from irritation caused by food and stomach acid.
[Ingredients] Dried Soujutsu extract (Soujutsu as API)
[Content] 150 mg (1.5 g)
[Function] Activate the movement of weak stomach.
[Ingredients] Koboku dry extract (Kouboku as an API)
[Content] 83.4 mg (1.0 g)
[Function] Activate the movement of weak stomach.

-------------------------------------------------- -

Product features

Weak っ た stomach を mucus no ベ ー ル で whole え る stomach ぐ す り general section か ら stomach の weak り を Sense じ る, こ の よ う な Fang に お す す め で す.
・「Stomach もたれ」「Chest やけ」などのSymptoms を Ran and 缲り Return すfang "The state of the stomach, the movement of the stomach, the movement of the stomach, the state of the stomach, and the state of the stomach.
サッと melt け て drink み や す い fine grain で す.
ひとくちメモ stomach's mucus and テプレノン stomach's middle では, food た thing を digestion す る た め に, お meat な ど を soluble か す ほ ど strong stomach acid secretion さ れ ています.このとき, food and one thread, stomach が digestion, stomach surface, stomach mucus and い う ベ ー ル で Guard ら れ てい る れ で す.この大切なgastric mucus は, gluten, body tone, food life に よ っ て reduce し ま す.テプレノンは, the secretion of mucus, the secretion of mucus, the amount of mucus, the increase in the amount of mucus, and the acidity of the stomach.

Ingredient / Amount

Adults take 3 sachets (3g) per day, and the ingredients in it contain みます.
(Stomach mucus is increased, stomach acid is stimulated.)
ソウジュツDry エキス・・・150mg
(Weak っ て し ま っ た stomach の movement を live 発 に し ま す.)
コウボク dried エキス・・・83.4mg
(Weak っ て し ま っ た stomach の movement を live 発 に し ま す.)
タルク, lactose, バニリン, ビタミンE, ヒドロキシプロピルセルロース, D-マンニトール, l-メントール, fragrance, ケイヒ, ケイケイス, ハッカ oil

Efficiency and effect

Stomach も た れ, chest や け, eating べ す ぎ, drinking み す ぎ, stomach/abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, はきけ (むかつき, vomiting, heartbreak), vomiting, chest つかえ

Usage and dosage

<Usage and Dosage>
Take the amount of water after eating and take it with soup.
Adults (over 15 years old)・・・1 pack of 1 time, 3 times a day for children (under 15 years old)・・・Take it しないこと

Notes on use


Use the chat point above

1. The second person should talk to the doctor and the doctor before taking the medicine, and then log in to the seller again.
(1) Physician's treatment, Receiver (2) Pregnant woman and pregnant woman (3) High patient (4) Symptoms and symptoms (5) Diagnosis Liver disease
2. After taking it, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of taking it directly, the instructions of the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer.
Affected parts... Symptoms Skin... Rash, redness, digestive organs... Abdominal swelling, はきけ, abdominal pain, mental state...Headache, other...subcutaneous bleedingその occasion は Straight ち に Physician's diagnosis and treatment
Name of symptoms…Symptoms of liver dysfunction…Fever, rash, rash, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), brown urine, whole body だるさ, loss of appetite, etc.
3. After taking the symptomsてください.
Constipation, diarrhea, mouth のかわき
4. If you take it for 2 weeks, if you have symptoms, you should stop taking it. If you are taking it, you should stop it.

Precautions for storage and retrieval

1. Direct sunlight の when た ら な い wet 気 の less な い cool し い に し て く だ さ い.
3. His container is replaced by えないでください.また, ににの喬剤, etc. in this container are を入れないでください. (The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わります.)
4. This is a fine-grained agent that is light brown in color. The active ingredients are mixed with しているため and fine grains of medium and dark brown grains.
5. Expiration date をすぎたProducts はUse しないでください.

country of manufacture


お Ask 合せ first (manufacturer 売元)

4−6−10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Commodity division

【Class 2 medical products】