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【Class 3 medicinal products】Mamiya Aroe Ointment Aloe Vera Ointment (15g/50g)

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【Category 3 medicines】"Mamiya" Aro E ointment 15g

【product details】
This product is an oil-based ointment containing aloe vera.
Aloe vera ingredients soothe rough and damaged skin problems (chilblains, cracks, fissures, etc.) and accelerate healing.

cuts, stab wounds, bruises

Take an appropriate amount on the affected area

(in 100 grams)
Aloe Vera Powder・・・ 0.5g, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder・・・ 2.0g
Contains petrolatum, lanolin, olive oil, cornstarch and flavoring as additives

【Country of Origin】

Producer Kobayashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
(1) Oily ointment with the ingredients of アロエエタイプのです (2) アロエの ingredient が, Aro れ ん だ muscle no トラブル (ひ び, あかぎれなど) を town, cure
The expiration date of medicinal products
Medical products are not limited to no limit, and the expiration date is more than 1 year. Within 1 year, the expiry date of the product is listed.
Note on use
1. The second person is used before the doctor's consultation with the doctor.する occasion)
(3) The person of the family がアレルギー physique (4) The person of moist
2. Occasion of the second time, use, stop, use, stop, and talk to the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and (1) After the use, the symptom of the second time is the case [Relational part: symptom]
Skin ふ: Rasal ・ , ,, ※ After the coating of 剤 を を, ヒ リ ヒ ど ど ど ど ど ど を を じ た た は は は は は は ど ど ど し し て くださ くださ の も そ そ そ そ そ が が が が が が
ひび, あかぎれ, cut wound, しもやけ, fire injury, hemorrhoid, hit the body
Appropriate amount に に 布 布 し し て い (ひび, し もやけ, あかぎ れ れ は に に に し し て くださ い や けど けど き き き き き き き き に に は に に な
Usage-related attention (1) small children use さ せ る occasions に は, protector's guidance supervision の も と に use さ せ る こ と (2) に 入 ら な い よ う に attention す る こ と に は, す ぐに水またはぬるま soup で wash う こと な お, the symptoms are severe, the ophthalmologist's diagnosis and treatment を Receive け る こ と (3) external use にのみ use にのること (4) cosmetic ではなとはのでではないはのではないはのではないはのpurposeこと
ingredient amount
In 100g, the amount of ingredients is 0.5g
Aroyo leaf powder 2g
Keep it safe
(1) When the sun shines directly on the sun, when it is wet and wet, and (3) the reason for the misuse of his containerたりQuality が変わる)