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[Quasi-drug] Pigeon Medicinal Weak Acid Talcum Powder 30g

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【Product Description】
The same weak acid type as healthy skin, can be used on babies with weaker skin.
It is a fine and mild powder with spherical smooth powder.
Medicinal use to prevent prickly heat, diaper rash and sores.
Contains squalane, jojoba oil (moisturizer) and silicone oil (skin protectant).

Comes with a yellow puff. The inner cover of the powder box can be attached to the puff by gently shaking it.

Fragrance free.
Skin allergy testing (not everyone is allergic).

Active ingredient: β-glycyrrhetinic acid Other ingredients: mica, kaolin, anhydrous silicic acid, squalane, liquid paraffin methyl polysiloxane, hydrogenated jojoba oil, citric acid

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