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Shiseido skin key anti-aging eye cream 15g

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【Product Description】
Eye cream capacity: 15g
Eye Creams for General Eye Problems Focus on original research on three-dimensional structure, eye creams for complex eye problems with a new approach.

HOW TO USE Use at night at the end of a full-face treatment and in the morning before UV protection products. Using a spatula, take one grain of rice per eye as a guide, place fingertips on the upper and lower eyelids, and apply around the eyes. Use your fingertips to pull up the lids and under the eyes. Recommended for those who are concerned about the eye bag area, glide from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. (6 times) Recommended for those who care about the outer corner of the eye, draw a thin spiral towards the temple. (3 times) For an overall refreshing feeling, pass under the eyebrows (bone part), slide around the eyes, and press lightly on the inner corner of the eye. (3 times) Gently press the temple below the inner corner of the eye to complete the massage. (3 times)

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