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【Class 3 Healing Products】Vitamin C 500 220 Tablets

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【Product Description】
Efficacy/Effect Relief of the following symptoms*: Pigmentation due to spots, freckles, sunburn/rash.
In the following cases* Bleeding prevention: bleeding gums, epistaxis.
Vitamin C supplementation in the following situations: physical fatigue, pregnancy/nursing, frailty during and after illness, old age
Twice a day after breakfast and dinner, do not stuff it in your mouth, just use water or hot water.

Number of doses per day Adults (over 15 years old) 2 tablets 2 times Children (7 to 15 years old) 1 tablet 2 times Do not take infants under 7 years old

Precautions for use

1. Please follow the prescribed usage and dosage.
2. If you want to give it to children, please take it under the guidance and supervision of parents.
3. 3. If swallowing is difficult, there is a score line, so break it and drink.
【Raw material name】
Ingredients/Quantity: Ascorbic Acid 2000mg in 4 Tablets
Additives carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), corn starch, cellulose, riboflavin, magnesium stearate

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