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【Class 2 Healing Products】Duohuo Pueraria Extract Tablets Kracie 192 Tablets

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【Product Description】
Efficacy/Effect The following symptoms with moderate or slightly weak physical fitness: forty shoulders, fifty shoulders, frozen shoulder, dislocation, stiff shoulders Dosage 3 times a day, before or between meals, take the following amount with water or warm water.
[Age: 1 dose: daily dose]
Adult (over 15 years old): 4 tablets: 3 times
Under 15 years old: Do not take [raw material name]
Ingredients/Quantity The following ingredients are included in an adult daily dose of 12 lozenges (400 mg per lozenge).
Ingredient... Quantity
Kakkonto extract powder (from Kakkon 2.5g, Keihi/Peony 1.5g each, Maou/Dokukatsu 1.0g each, Ginger/Taiso/Kanzo 0.5g each, Jio 2.0g) ・・ 2800mg
It contains CMC-Ca, aluminum silicate, silicic anhydride, magnesium stearate and cellulose as additives.

Notes on Ingredient and Quantity Due to the use of natural product (herbal) extracts in this product, the color of the tablet may vary slightly.
【nutrient content】

【Allergic substances】

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