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[Class 2 medicines] Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicine Tablets Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Medicines [Tablets] 320 Tablets

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Stomach pain, eating too much, drinking too much, chest tightness, loss of appetite Heartburn, stomach pain, hyperacidity, heavy stomach, upset stomach, gas Indigestion, promoting digestion, weak stomach, stomach/bloating nausea and vomiting (nausea , hangover, nausea), vomiting


DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Please take the following doses with water or hot water.

〔year old〕 15 years old and above
[1 Quantity] 3 Ingots
[Number of times per day] Take 3 times after meals.

〔year old〕 11 years old and above but under 15 years old
[1 Quantity] 2 Ingots
[Number of times per day] Take 3 times after meals.

[year] 11 years old
[1 serving] Do not take
[How many times per day] Do not take it.


This agent is light gray-brown to light brown uncoated tablets, 9 tablets containing the following ingredients.
Takadiastase N1 150mg, Lipase AP12 60mg, Akamega Wrinkle Extract 63mg (504mg as Akamega Wrinkle), Kanzo Powder 150mg, Magnesium Aluminate 720mg, Synthetic Hydrotalcite 300mg, Magnesium Hydroxide 600mg, Oubaku Powder 105mg, Keihi Powder 225mg, Wikyo Powder 60mg, Chouji powder 30mg, Shokyo powder 75mg, l-menthol 9mg
Additives: Sansho, potato starch, carmellose, magnesium stearate


【Product Details of Daiichi Sankyo Gastrointestinal Supplements】
● 次のようなはたらきをもった喬剤で, stomach のもたれ・むかつき・Unpleasant などにお いいただけます.
● Fat digestion enzyme リパーゼAP12 and digestive enzyme タカヂアスターゼN1が, digestive enzyme をけます.
●6 kinds of stomach-boosting ingredients が weak っ た stomach の は た ら き を high, stomach unpleasant, loss of appetite な ど に き め を あ ら わ し ま す.
●Healthy アカメガシワ, カンゾウEnd がStomach mucosa no あ れ・た だ れ を repair し, 3 kinds of acid suppression が stomach acid neutralization す る こと で, stomach pain cause を suppression えます.
● ナトリウムを cooperates with していないので and 塩fen が気になるfang でも taking できます.

【Effective effect】

・もたれ, eating too much, drinking too much, chest つかえ, loss of appetite (むかつき, two days 酔・悪酔のむかつき, 悪心), vomiting

The amount of water and water is taken for the next time.
(Year: 1 time: the number of times per day)
Over 15 years old: 3 tablets: 3 tablets to take after meals.
More than 11 years old and under 15 years old: 2 tablets: 3 meals, take it after eating.
11 years old and not yet: take しないで下さい.

★Usage and dosage are related and careful
(1) Usage and dosage
(2) Children over the age of 11 should take it at the occasion, and the guardian's guidance and supervision should be taken at the same time.


The main ingredient, the light taupe to light brown plain tablets, and the ingredients in the 9 tablets contain しています.
タカヂアスターゼN1 150mg、リパーゼAP12 60mg、アカメガシワエキス63mg(アカメガシワとして504mg)、カンゾウ末150mg、ケイ酸アルミン酸マグネシウム720mg、合成ヒドロタルサイト300mg、水酸化マグネシウム600mg、オウバク末105mg、ケイヒ末225mg、ウイキョウ末60mg , チョウジウウウウウウウウウウウウウウウウウウ mote 75mg, l-メントール 9mg
Additives: サンショウ, バレイショデンプン, カルメロース, ステアリン Acid Mg

★Note on use
(Shou ら な い と の Symptoms が 悪 Hua し た り, Side Effects が こ り や す く な り ま す)
1. The person who takes the next time is taking しないで下さい.
Dialysis therapy けている
2. Use しないで下さい for a long time.

・Talking about すること
1. Before taking the medicine, the doctor and the pharmacist should talk to the registered dealer again.
(1) Physician's treatment
(2) こしたことがある
(3) The person who received the diagnosis of the second time
2. After taking the medicine, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of taking the medicine, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer.
(Relationship site/symptom)
Skin / rash, redness, かゆみ
3. After taking, the symptoms of the second time, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the strong onesして下さい.
constipation, diarrhea
4.2 Weekly use, symptoms, symptoms, occasions, use, discontinuation, doctor, doctor, and registered salesperson, please talk to the next one.

★Caution on storage and retrieval
(1) Keep it in the place where the sun shines directly.
(2) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(3) His container is replaced by えないで下さい. (Causes of misuse になったりQuality が変わります)
(4) ぬれた手でfetch り扱わないで下さい. Moisture is mellow, the surface is melted, and the color is muted.また, ぬれた錉剤をビンに戻すとまににも influence を and えますので, 戻さないで下さい.
(5) For the prevention of damage to the spindle during transportation, it should be kept after opening.
(6) Indicates that the expiration date of the product has passed, and the product has been used.