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【Category 3 medicine】Shentian ソフトサンティアひとみストレッチ Santen Eye Drops (For Contact Lenses) 5ml x 4

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【Class 3 medical products】Shentian ソフトサンティアひとみストレッチ 5mL×4 Honri

【Product introduction
Artificial tears to relieve eye discomfort.
Eye drops can be used while wearing contact lenses.

1~3 drops per time, 5~6 times per day


Manufacturer Santen Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
こりかたまったたたのピント adjustment tendon (hair and body tendon) をほぐす There are two types of ingredients, and the maximum concentration is combined with しました.
Tissue metabolism of fatigued eyes can promote the maximum concentration of B6 and improve it.
カラーコンタクトレンズをくすべてのコンタクトレンズ[ソフト・O2・ハード・ディスポーザブル(書たべてのがンタクトレンズソフト・O2・ハード・ディスポーザブル(傳い社て)]を pretending to be したままとできる.
The expiration date of medicinal products
Medical products are not limited to no limit, and the expiration date is more than 1 year. Within 1 year, the expiry date of the product is listed.
Note on use
■Talk about すること
1. The second person is a doctor before using it, and a doctor who is a doctor of medicine can log in to the dealer and talk to him.
(1) Physician's treatment, Receiver (2) Symptoms, onset, (3) Symptoms, Symptoms, Symptoms, Symptoms, Pain, 4) Internal Diagnosis
2. After use, the symptoms, the occasion, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of the use, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and the dealer, please talk to the dealer.
[Relationship Site: Symptoms]
Skin: Rash・Redness
3. In the next occasion, use を suspend し, を の document を っ て doctor, 喬 剤 division ま た は log in the dealer に ご talk く だ さ い.
(1) To improve the situation of the eyes (2) To use the symptoms for 2 weeks and to improve the situation
1 to 3 drops per time, 5 to 6 times a day for eye drops.
Usage related precautions ● 次の precautions
(1) In the case of small children using させる には, the guardian's guidance and supervision no もとに use させてください.
(2) The first を of the container, や ま ぶ た, ま つ Mao に れ さ せ な い で く だ さ い (や に や 雑 雑 な ど の た め, liquid contamination ま た は 㾙 る こ が が る こ が が る こ だ さ め や に や 雑 雑 な ど の や ま ぶ た や ま ぶ た).また, turbid したものは use しないでください.
(3) Use してください with にのみ.
(4) Use しないでください when カラーコンタクトレンズの is wearing.
ingredient amount
Ingredient amount sianokobaramin 0.02%
ネオスチグミンメチル Sulfate 0.005%
ピリドキシンキシン 0.1%
Keep it safe
(1) Use するまでは, キャップをねじ込まないでください.
(2) When the sun shines, it is safe to keep it in the place where the sun shines. The quality of the products is maintained, and the heating equipment of the automatic vehicle is located near the high temperature and the place where it is placed. If it is placed in a high temperature place, it should be placed in a place where it is high temperature, and the quality of the container should be degraded if it is leaked.
(3) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(4) His container is replaced by えないでください.
(The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わることがあります.)
(5) Other people and shared しないでください.
(6) Expiration date of the product is the use of the product.また, within the expiry date, であっても, about 1 month after opening the cap.
(7) The state of preservation, the crystallization of the ingredients, the crystallization of the container, the mouth, the mouth, the inner side, and the inner side.その occasion に は clean な ガ ー ゼ で 軽 く ふ き fetch っ て use し て く だ さい.
(8) The color of the red color of the original is はビタミン B12 (シアノコバラミン). Dot in the eyes に斬liquid がこぼれてシャツなどが coloring した occasion は, すぐにwashing いしてください.