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[The third type of medicinal products] Sato Pharmaceutical Vitamin E Blood Circulation Promotion Capsules 120 Capsules

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Sato Pharmaceutical Natural Vitamin E to Promote Blood Circulation Capsules 120 Capsules

【Function effect】
Relieves the following symptoms of menopause: stiff shoulders/neck, chills, numbness and swelling in the extremities. Relief of the following symptoms due to peripheral blood circulation disorders: Stiff shoulders/neck, numbness/chills in extremities. Irregular menstruation. "However, if you do not notice any improvement in these symptoms after using them for about a month, consult your doctor or pharmacist." Vitamin E supplementation in the following conditions: Older age

Adults (15 years and older) take 1 capsule daily after meals, 2 to 3 times a day.
*However, if you take it twice a day, take it in the morning and evening.
If taking three times a day, take in the morning, noon and evening.

【nutrient content】
・D-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E) 300mg
・Vitamin B2 butyrate ・ 10mg
・Γ-Oryzanol・ 10mg

【Notes on use】
1. The following people, please