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【Class 2 medicine】LION STOCKPA EX STOPPA EX (for elementary and middle school students) 12 pcs

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【Class 2 medicines】 Stockpa diarrhoea stopper EX 12 tablets for elementary and middle school students

Diarrhea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea caused by indigestion

chewing or dissolving in the mouth,
Eat more than 4 hours apart.
11 to 15 years old, 2 tablets at a time, up to 3 times a day.
5 to 11 years old, 1 tablet at a time, up to 3 times a day.
Not to be used under the age of 5


リニューアルににい, パッケージ, and content, etc., will be notified when it comes to changing occasions. To め ご 䁏 だ さ い.

Commodity classification: the second category of medical products

【Details of STOCKPA diarrhea stop EX for elementary and junior high school students】
●Sudden diarrhea, pain and diarrhea when going out. Water がなくても口の中ででかしてのめるので, test time, watch meeting, general school, travel, and place to choose, take, and take.
●Water なしでのめる
●Men く な る ingredients を contains ま な い (た だ し, Yun 転・operation を し な い こと)
● Diarrhea when going out. (Trial and watch meeting おでかけ)
●Extraction したロートエキスが, abnormal contractions of the intestines, and migration of bowel movements.さらに, タンニンらにベルベリンが intestinal mucosa inflammation, inhibition of the bacteria that cause diarrhea, sterilization, food, water, and other diarrhea effects.

【Effective effect】

・Abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea, diarrhea, dyspepsia, diarrhea, food, water, water, diarrhea, abdominal, soft stools

The amount of time is を か み く だ く か, and the middle of the mouth is soluble.
[annual: 1 dose: 1 daily dose: dose interval]
11 or more than 15 years old: 2 ingots: 3 times を limit and す る: 4 hours or more あける
5 or more than 11 years old: 1 ingot: 3 times を limit and す る: 4 hours or more あける
5 before the end: taking しないでください

★Usage and dosage are related and careful
(1) Occasionally, when a small child is taking it, and the guardian's guidance and supervision are taking it.
(2) Usage and dosage
(3) Recipe for taking out of ingots
に に よう 剤 剤 の の る る い る pt (P packaging) シ ー ト の を を で で し し て の ア ル ミ を り り り, り り し し お くださ くださ くださ くださ くださ くださ くださにつながります.).


Active ingredient in 1 tablet: Content ロートエキス Triple Powder: 20mg
タンニンベルベリン: 33.3mg
Additives として, D-Mannitell, Celroes, Crosporton, トウモロコシデンプン, デキストリン, ステアリン ACID Mg, アスパルテーム (L-フェニルアラン compound), バニリン, and fragrances.
★ ingredients に 薬 薬 薬 薬 薬 薬 薬 (薬 の の の ど な ど) い い た です から から から から によ によ の の の の の や や っ っ っ た た た た た た た た た た た た た た える える あ あ あ あ あ あ あ り ん ん ん ん ん ん ん ん

(Shou ら な い and present symptoms が 悪 Hua し た り, side effects and accidents が こ り や す く な る)
1. Take this medicine and take it as a medicine
Gastrointestinal analgesic and antispasmodic medicine
2. After taking it, you will be able to operate the machine again after taking it.
(Symptoms of eyes such as なまぶしさ, etc. があらわれることがある.)
3. People who are breastfeeding should take this medicine and take this medicine at the occasion of breastfeeding and avoidance.
(Breast milk is migrating, and the pulse of breast milk is fast.)
★Talking about すること
1. Before taking the medicine, the doctor and the pharmacist should talk to the registered seller again.
(1) The doctor's treatment is subject to the person.
(2) People with diarrhoea, bloody stools, and mucus stools.
(3) Acute diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal distention, and other symptoms are accompanied by diarrhea.
(This 剤で unreasonable に diarrhea を と め る と か え っ て illness 気 を 悪 Hua さ せ る こ と が あ る.)
(4) Pregnant women are pregnant again.
(5) The tall ones.
(6) 薬などによりアレルギー symptoms have started to appear.
(7) Symptoms of the times.
difficulty urinating
(8) The times of diagnosis are subject to people.
Heart disease, glaucoma
2. After taking, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of taking the drug, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor and the registered dealer.
(Relationship part: symptom)
Skin: rash, redness, かゆみ
Mental health: headache
Urinary: Difficulty urinating
その Him: Yan の ほ て り, abnormal な ま ぶ し さ
3. After taking, the symptoms of the second time, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms, the strong and the strong, the occasions, the stop of the use, the consultation with the doctor, the registration of the doctor, and the doctor.してください
4. 5~6 days of use
★そのother's attention
Breast milk がにくくなることがあります.

★Caution on storage and retrieval
(1) Keep it in the place of direct sunlight.
(2) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(3) His container is replaced by え な い で く だ さ い (the reason for misuse is に な っ た り quality が 変 わ り ま す.).
(4) If the expiration date is over, the product should be used only if it is used.
(5) Reasons for と と な な り ます で で で で で で の の る る る る る る る る る る る シ シ シ ミシ ミシ ミシ に り り り り り り ど ど ど ど ど ど ど ど り り り り り り り り り り り り り な な い の の ア ル ミ に に な な し し し し て くださ い し くださ し し し し し て くださ い し し し て い し し て い し し くださ い