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VANTELIN KOWA Waist Support Strong Fixed Type M

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【product description】

  • Protects the entire lumbar region from the upper lumbar spine to the pelvis through a specially designed stick-on structure


1 . Remove the auxiliary strap from the hook and loop on the main body

How to use part 1

2. Hold the label "up" so that it is on the right

How to use part 2

3. Fasten the hook and loop while pulling both ends so that the main body is V-shaped when viewed from the front (guided by about 5 cm below the navel)

How to use part 3

4. While stretching the assist strap, secure it to the main body and adjust the tightness.

How to use part 4

【Size selection】

  • Measure your waist (around your belly button) as shown.

    For those who have between two sizes, we recommend the larger one.

    Normal/M size: 65-85 cm

    Large/L size: 80-100cm

    Loose Large/LL Size: 95-115 CM

  • How to choose a size



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