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Utena MATOMAGE Magic Serve Natural Hold/Strong Hold

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★Natural styling - recommended for daily use

★Strong styling—recommended for sports and special occasions

【Product Description】

Styling magic serve, let the scattered short hair, frizzy hair and bangs adhere for a long time, the effect is natural~

●Suitable for soft, slender ~ medium hair
Can be applied directly without sticking to hands, convenient and quick
It will not stiffen the hair like a styling spray, but it can make the hair last longer
Isolate moisture, prevent rain or sweat from causing loose hair
Lightweight design that can be put in a cosmetic bag, easy to carry
Boundary bangs can also be shaped on the oblique side

【Product Ingredients

Vegetable Wax [Candelilla Wax], Camellia Seed Oil (Hair Moisturizer), Argan Oil (Hair Moisturizer), Baobab Seed Oil (Hair Moisturizer) and Waterproofing Ingredients


After finishing the hairstyle, apply the magic hair ball directly to the loose parts to smooth the hair.

(Don't apply too much force, or you may get white lumps of wax on your hair.)

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