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UHA Instant Supplement Taste Sugar Iron Comprehensive Raspberry Flavor 30 Days 60 Capsules

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【Product Description】
FEATURES You can get 10mg of iron just by putting 2 tablets in your mouth and have fun! Mixed berry flavor! The moment you put it in your mouth without adding water, it melts instantly! Since the granules dissolve quickly, even people with low saliva volume can easily take it. *Products are designed for body types 18 years and older. No sugar is used, and calories are kept below 0-3kcal per day, so you can rest assured even on a diet♪
【Raw material name】
Please be sure to confirm the product you received, erythritol (domestic)/acidulant, diferric pyrophosphate, calcium stearate, flavor, HPC, colorant (anthocyanin), fine silica, sweetener ( stevia)
【nutrient content】
Nutrition Facts Label Protein 0g, Fat 0.02g, Carbohydrate 2g - Sugar 0g, Salt Equivalent 0.004g, Iron 10.0mg (147%)*(%) is the standard value showing nutrients (18 years old and above, standard calorie 2,200kcal)
. Precautions ・ Precautions: This product does not cure disease or improve health by ingesting large amounts. Please follow the recommended daily intake. Infants and young children should avoid taking this product. If it doesn't suit your constitution, stop taking it. If you are taking medication, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking. Keep out of reach of children. Unlike food for specified health use, this product has not been individually inspected by the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency.・ Be careful not to block the throat.
Storage method After opening, please tighten the zipper and eat as soon as possible.

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and wear of the date of printing due to scratches and collisions, but usually does not affect the quality of the product.