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TOP Collagen Drink 50mL×10

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【raw material name】
Granulated sugar, collagen peptide (gelatin)/pineapple juice, glucose, placenta extract, royal jelly, hibiscus extract, acidulant, glycerin, preservative (sodium benzoate), fragrance, hyaluronic acid, vitamin P, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6

[Nutrition Facts Label (1 bottle / 50 ml)]
Energy・・・ 33kcaL
Protein・・・ 1.2g
Lipid・・・ 0.0g
Carbohydrates・・・ 7.2g
Sodium・・・ 3.5mg

【How to eat】
Cool one bottle per day as a standard, shake well and drink.
■ Standard supplements:

・ Sediment from raw materials may occur, but there is no problem with the quality.
・ In rare cases, it may not be suitable depending on your physical condition and constitution. In this case, please stop drinking.
・Please consult your doctor or pharmacist in advance if you are receiving medical treatment for a disease or if you are pregnant.
・ Please keep it out of the reach of infants and young children.
・Do not heat or freeze glass bottles.
・If you have a food allergy, please refer to the ingredient name label.

【preservation method】
Please keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and wear of the date of printing due to scratches and collisions, but usually does not affect the quality of the product.