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THE PRODUCT Natural No Additive All-Purpose Organic Hair Wax Balm Citrus Fragrance 42g

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【Product Description】
Winner of the Best Cosmetics Award multiple times! The constant choice of beauty professionals and consumers. Not only for styling wet hair, but also for lips, hands and nails and body care. A multipurpose wax balm that provides moisturizing care to the entire body. The small size makes it easy to carry and you can use it for various treatments even on the go.

Carefully selected, natural materials that hair and scalp really need. With a moisturizing effect, it provides healthy moisture to hair, scalp and skin for shine and firmness. Minimize the burden on the environment and organisms and be kind to the planet by using the minimum amount of raw materials that are certified organic.


① Take a small amount on your fingertips, apply it to your hands and heat to make oil.
② Apply on the hair, focusing on the part you want to style. As a moisturizer, it also reduces dryness at the ends of the hair.

You can apply the remaining wax as is to the skin as a moisturizing treatment for hands and nails.

It can also be used as a lip balm to gently protect your lips, or as a moisturizer for dry skin and heels.

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