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TENGA Condom 6pcs

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product description

Love and peace are the most important things for couples! From TENGA with the motto "Enjoy bright and correct sex", a fun and happy condom was born!
Open the aluminum can and inside is the condom in the round pouch. The can badge pack comes in six designs that are fun to use. I can't say I don't like condoms anymore.
Make love fun and make the future a better place. The secret is LET'S CONDOMING!

■ Quantity: 6 pcs* 6 individual packaging designs ■ Color: Natural ■ Shape: Natural fit ■ Medical Device Certification Number: 219AFBZX00111000

Precautions for use

● Each condom can only be used once.
● Keep this package in a cool dark place. Also, do not store it with volatile substances such as insect repellent.
● Correct use of condoms is effective in preventing pregnancy and reducing the risk of contracting many other sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, but it is not 100% effective.

Raw Materials/Ingredients

natural latex