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TAKAMI basal metabolism beauty water (small blue bottle) 30mL

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【Product Description】
TAKMAI Muscle Bottom Metabolism Beauty Water is a beauty water that can be used directly after cleansing to regulate skin metabolism and deeply care for the skin. The texture is like water and easily penetrates into the stratum corneum, without damaging healthy keratin, adjusting and repairing damaged keratin, thereby helping the skin to better absorb the follow-up skin care products, reducing the recurrence of skin problems and creating a healthy skin condition.

·use correctly. Dosage is important.
The line in the dropper is a standard amount for one use. This amount can penetrate into every corner of the skin.

・ After applying, please wait 3 minutes.
The "3 minutes" after application is an important time for thorough penetration into every corner of the stratum corneum.

・After three minutes, it is the best time to enhance the skin care effect.
It's ready to receive moisture and beauty ingredients. We recommend Takami Lotion

Do not use if there is a wound, eczema, pus on the skin. If redness and swelling occur after use, please seek medical advice.

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