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SK-II Youth Dew (Fairy Water) 230mL

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【Original name in Japanese】


【product description】

The legendary classic PITERATM for crystal clear skin

PITERA: A yeast extract composed of various amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids to help condition the skin.

【Instructions for use】

1. Pour out the youth about the size of a fifty-yuan coin and expose it to the palm of your hand

2. Evenly moisten the youth lotion on the palm of your hand, gently rub it on the entire face, then pour out other dosages and repeat this step

3. Gently pat on both face until fully absorbed.

PS. According to the definition of SK II, Youth Dew is a water-like essence, so it needs to be used after toner. But because he is watery, many people use him as a lotion.