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sagami Sagami Genzo 002 Quick Dressing Condom 5pcs

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【Original name in Japanese】


【product description】

Dress with one hand

Material: Polyurethane
Shape: Standard
Color: colorless and transparent
Length: 170mm
Diameter: 36mm

What is 1, 0.02 mm? !! 1/50 of 1 mm!
Sagami Original 002 has a thickness of 0.02mm. (* Internal measurement)
If you compare it to something familiar, it's as thin as plastic wrap used in the kitchen.

2. Strength, more than 3 times
Burst pressure indicating membrane strength is higher than our standard rubber condoms
About 3 to 5 times stronger.
The secret of strength (*internal measurement) is made of polyurethane.
You can use it with confidence even if it is thin.

3. Instantly transmits skin warmth
, does it feel "cool" when inserted?
Polyurethane is a material with good thermal conductivity, so it
Instantly conveys the warmth of your partner's skin and gives you a natural feel.

4. Zero rubber smell!
Rubber condoms have a unique rubber smell, but
Sagami Original 002 is made of polyurethane, so it does not have the peculiar smell of rubber.

5. No worries about rubber allergies
Sagami Original uses polyurethane as a material, which has excellent strength, durability and biocompatibility, so
Especially recommended for those with rubber allergies.

Smooth Surface Polyurethane's smooth surface realizes a soft feeling of use.
In addition, since it is a material with excellent thermoplasticity, it also has the property of soft fit near body temperature.

7. Blister packaging
Sagami original blister packaging does not require confirmation!
It can be opened, pinched and installed directly, so you don't need to spend time checking orientation even in a dark room.

8. We have achieved a completely different natural feel from traditional rubber condoms by continuing to choose the brand ,
such as lightness, strength, no odor and good thermal conductivity
. 0.02mm film infused with technology and ideas,
Better products for everyone
We will continue to develop to make it thinner, stronger and softer.

【Classification of Medicines】

Manage medical machines



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