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POLA FORM Conditioner (Lightweight) 240g

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【Product Description】
Conditioner (light)
Conditioner that imparts a soft, natural texture.
Intense floral and herbal aromas on the rise

The highly penetrating conditioner with a smooth and volume effect is creamy-soft and quickly blends into the scalp and hair, leaving it taut and firm. Plant-based ingredients care for damaged hair, leaving it soft to the touch.

The aging moisturizing ingredient "Peony Flower Extract" that protects the scalp and hair with botanical ingredients supports the vitality of the scalp. Contains polyphenol-containing moisturizing ingredient "Grape Seed Extract EX" to keep scalp healthy.

Herbal Aroma and Refreshing Menthol contains natural essential oils as part of the fragrance for hair emollient and repairing effects. The rising aroma of floral, vanilla and menthol refreshes the scalp for a comfortable finish Capacity: 240g

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