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POLA BA (Bia Ai) Muscle density all-purpose eye cream 26g

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【Product Description】
Focus on the foundation core that supports the eye area "eye core formation theory"
Focusing on the structural characteristics of the eye area, the exclusive theory "Eye Core Formation Theory" is established to create a moist and firm three-dimensional image of the eye area. In addition to adding POLA's original compound moisturizing ingredient "CF Essence"*1, adding BA representative ingredients such as BA Core Essence*2, Golden Cocoon Essence*3, YAC Essence*3, EG Purifying Essence*3, Ginseng Purifying Essence* 3 and so on.

Developed "3D memory prescription" to achieve firmness and swelling.
1. Thick and moisturizing feeling → 2. Moisturizing penetration*4 feeling → 3. Lifting-like tightness and touch bring three texture changes.

CF Essence: Horse Chestnut Extract, Lily Root Extract
POLA original complex moisturizing ingredients
POLA original moisturizing ingredients penetrate: to the stratum corneum

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