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ORCHID Enzyme Cleansing Powder

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【Product Description】
#cleansingblackheads#remove dullness#anti-acne

The activity of the enzyme will gradually weaken when it encounters water, so it is mostly powder. When using it, add water for the best effect.

Cleans blackheads, removes dullness, prevents acne
1. Use the decomposition ability of enzymes to decompose excess dead skin cells and make the skin brighter! !
2. Use amino acid cleansing ingredients, mild and low irritation! !
3. Using a variety of moisturizing ingredients, the skin is not tight after use! ! Can be used every day! Prevent acne, blackheads, etc.
4. One pack at a time, portable when you go out.
1. Take an appropriate amount (1 sachet) in the palm of your hand. Lather with a damp foaming net.
2. Gently massage the skin with foam. Let the enzyme enzyme remove aging and useless cutin.
3. After rinsing thoroughly and wiping gently, use skin care products as usual.

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