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【Class 2 medical products】KOWA Xingwa Pharmaceutical Bantelinco EX VANTELIN Shoulder Pain Relief Patch EX 7cm*10cm 7pcs/box

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[The second category of medical products] バンテリンコーワパットEX 7 pieces 7cm*10cm

【Product Details
The triple analgesic ingredients penetrate and relieve muscle and joint pain.
By increasing the contact area with the skin, the material is soft and can be effectively attached to the skin, but the adhesion is not inferior to that of ordinary tapes.


Peel off the plastic wrap and apply it to the affected area up to twice a day.

<Precautions Regarding Usage and Dosage>
(1) Please pay attention to usage and dosage.
(2) The drug does not treat diseases that cause pain and swelling, but only symptoms such as pain and swelling, so it is only used when symptoms are present.
(3) If you sweat or the affected area is wet, please wipe it clean before use.
(4) For those with weak skin, before use, apply 1-2 cm area to the skin on the inner side of the arm and leave it for more than half a day to ensure whether it will cause symptoms such as rash/redness, itching, swelling and rash, If yes, please prohibit use (5) Do not use more than 2 consecutive weeks

[Ingredient efficacy] 100g of indomethacin・・・ 1.0g・・・non-steroidal analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients can relieve muscle and joint pain.
Arnica tincture (0.2g, Arnica)...1mL...Extracted from Arnica of the Compositae family, reduces inflammation and pain.
l-Menthol · 1.2 g · Gives a refreshing feeling and relieves pain.
●This product contains 35mg of anti-inflammatory ingredients per sheet


Product features

● このようなfang におすすめです.
・ツライみや Chronicization したみに!
・When the joints are などにピタっとりたい!
・Medium ちにくい ちにくい ちを いたい!
●Paste ると, が広がりながら saturating, muscle and joint pain みをとります.
●ピタッと れます.
●It stretches and contracts in all directions.

Ingredient / Amount

In 100g of paste, 1.0g of インドメタシン
ポリビニルアルコール(部分けん化物)、アクリル酸メチル・アクリル酸−2−エチルヘキシル共重合樹脂、ポリオキシエチレンノニルフェニルエーテル、ポリアクリル酸部分中和物、カルメロースNa、オレイン酸ソルビタン、グリセリン、D−ソルビトール、 Na hydrosulfate, Na, Na, チモール, ジヒドロキシアルミニウムアミノアセテート, lactic acid, マクロゴール, アジピンソプロピル

Efficiency and effect

Shoulder pain, low back pain, joint pain,
Muscle pain, tenosynovitis (pain in the hand and head),
Elbow pain

Usage and dosage

プラスチックフィルムをはがし, 2 times a day, をlimit and してaffected part してください.

Notes on use

1.次の人は uses しないでください (1) this 剤 and は 本剤の ingredients によりアレルギー symptoms ををこしたことがある people.
(2) ぜ ん そ く を こ し た こと が あ る people.
(3) 15-year-old child.
2. For the second part, use the perimeter, mucous membranes, etc.
(2) Eczema, かぶれ, wounds.
(3) みずむし・たむし, etc., and the affected area is purulent.
3. Long-term use しないでください

Use the chat point above

1. The second person is to talk to the doctor before using the doctor, the doctor of the medicine and the registered dealer.
(2) Pregnant women are pregnant again.
(3) People who have symptoms of こしたことがある
2. Symptoms after use
Skin: rash, redness, かゆみ, はれ, かぶれ, ヒリヒリ, heat, dryness 3.5 to 6 days after use薬剤剤啤喬寤訲売貲人に chat してください

Precautions for storage and retrieval

(1) High temperature, direct sunlight, low humidity, low temperature, and cold storage.
(2) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(3) His container is replaced by えないでください. (The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わります.)
(4) Keep the quality, keep the unused bags after opening, seal the opening, and keep it safe.
(5) Expiration date (indicated on the outer box and the bag), the product should be used only if it is used.

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