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【Class 2 medicine】Yurina Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Qingxin Lotus Seed Drink Diuretic 24 packs/box

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【Class 2 medical products】 Kobayashi Yuurina 24 packs

Product Features
●This is a Chinese herbal preparation called Seishinrenshin, which consists of 9 crude drugs.
●Improve bladder function and improve frequent urination.
●It can be improved by taking twice a day

Please take it with water or lukewarm water before or between meals. Adults (over 15 years old): 2 times a day, 1 sachet at a time
Under 15 years old: prohibited

【Ingredient content】
1 Day's Quantity: In 2 sachets (3200mg)
Seishin Renko Drinking Extract 2238mg (Rough Drug Equivalent Rennik 3.5g, Bakumondou 2.1g, Bukuryo 2.8g, Carrot 3.5g, Psyllium 2.1g, Ogon 2.1g, Ougi 2.8g, Jikoppi 2.1g, Licorice 0.7g


Ingredient / Amount

1 day's supply (2 packs: 3200mg) Central Pure Heart Lotus Seed Drink エキス・・・2238mg
【Converted amount of raw herbs】
レンニク3.5g, バクモンドウ2.1g, ブクリョウ2.8g ニンジン3.5g, シャゼンシ2.1g オウゴン2.1g, オウギ2.8g, ジコッピ2.1g カンゾウ0.7g
Add objects ケ し ケ, と イ acid Al, マ ク ロゴ ー ル, lactose, プロピ プロピ ル ロ ル ロ ー ス, タ ル ク 、 ケ ケ ケ ケ ケ リ コ ー ル, バニ エチ ル バニ リ ン, spice The color of the particles is different.

Efficiency and effect

Symptoms of below-average physical strength, weak stomach and intestines, general fatigue, dry mouth and tongue, and urination:
Frequent urination, residual urination, dysuria, dysuria, urination のにごり, こしけ (おりもの)

Usage and dosage

The amount of time, before eating, and between meals, with water, with soup, and with soup.
Yearly / 1 dose / 1 dose per day for adults (more than 15 times) / 1 pack / 2 doses before 15 doses / × Take it しないでください
【Usage and dosage are related to the attention】
(1) Determining how to use and dosage.
(2) Absorb moisture and take it once.
・Japanese のことをいいいます about 2~3 hours after eating.

Notes on use

【ごNote on use】
Guarding らないと present symptoms, and side effects.

Use the chat point above

【ごUse the chat point above】
1. The next person should talk to the doctor and the doctor before taking the medicine.
(1) Physician's treatment, Received, Received (2) Pregnant woman, Pregnant, Pregnant 2. After taking it, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of taking it directly, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and the seller.
ま れ に 下记の重歸な Symptoms が こ る こと が あ り ま す.
その occasion は Straight ち に Physician's diagnosis and treatment
Name of Symptoms / Symptoms, Mathematical Pneumonia / Phase を た た り, Shao し た た た た た た た れ が する く し く な る, empty せき ど ど ど が み み み に た た た た し し.
Liver dysfunction/heat, かゆみ, rash, yellowing, brown urine, whole body, loss of appetite.
(2) If you take it for 1 month, you should stop taking it, and if you have symptoms, you should stop taking it.

Precautions for storage and retrieval

(Caution on storage and retrieval)
(1) When the sun shines directly on the sun, when it is wet, there is little, and it is cool.たりQuality が変わる)

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