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HABA Whitening Dog Shark Serum 30mL

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【Product Description】 One of the properties of squalane is the excipient effect (inhalation of other ingredients into the skin), which effectively transports vitamin C derivatives deep into the skin and actively promotes active oxygen and melanin that cause age spots.
Because high-purity squalane is used, it is a very stable oil, not easy to oxidize or burn, so there is no need to worry about discoloration and other problems.
It can be used not only for skin care, but also for the whole body and hair, regardless of age.

【How to use】After washing your face, moisturise the whole face with lotion, before the lotion dries, take a drop on the palm of your hand and apply it all over your face to wrap it around your face. Applying it to the skin with water will naturally emulsify, so use it with a toner.
If you feel tight or dry, add more toner and 1 to a few drops. Please adjust the dosage according to your skin condition.

【Ingredients】Tetra-2-hexyldecanoate ascorbic acid EX, squalane, natural vitamin E

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