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ELIXIR Ultra-Moisturizing and Elastic Full-Grid Cream 45g

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【Product Description】
A high-moisturizing cream that improves the skin's lack of plumpness and swelling due to aging, and lays the foundation for a healthy and strong epidermis.

W double conditioning technology: Contains W elastic and moisturizing complex formula (inositol, Sapindus extract, turmeric root extract, glycerin) to help skin moisturise.
Contains D-aspartic acid, peppermint extract and glycerin that Shiseido first added to skin care products.
Using rich oil × exclusive emulsification technology, the moisturizing oil is encapsulated in the water base and emulsified into a soft whipped cream-like texture. When dipped, it has a rich texture, but after smearing, it turns into a liquid state, which penetrates and closely adheres to the skin texture with the smearing action, forming a high-moisture protective film on the surface.

【Basic usage】
● At the end of the evening treatment, take 1 pearl on the fingertip and apply it to 5 places on the face.
● Apply generously to the entire face from the cheeks and forehead.

【How to increase tension】
● At the end of the evening treatment, use 3 pearls as a guide, while drawing a spiral shape, relax the cheeks like a lift. (3 times)
● Stretch the nasolabial fold laterally and upwards diagonally. (6 times)
● Pull up from the face line to the temples. (6 times)
● Finally, press on the temples. The point is to use moderate force to move the muscles.
● If your fingers are not slippery, add cream.

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