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DHC Intense Tinted Moisturizing Lipstick (Pink)

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【Product Description】
DHC color lipstick that can moisturize well and add natural color and weight to the lips with both moisturizing and makeup functions. Apply a quick coat to give the color a slightly natural, moist, bouncy, natural-blooded feel. It is formulated with moisturizing and protective ingredients such as olive oil, and placenta extract, a beauty ingredient. In addition to the ingredients that increase the weight, it gives the lips full elasticity. In order to finish lip makeup without primer and lipstick, you can touch up your makeup when you go out, and you can also shorten the makeup time in the morning. You can also use a tissue to wipe off while wearing a mask. Fragrance-free, preservative-free, natural ingredients.

In the hot summer, the goods may melt during the delivery process, we cannot guarantee the status of the delivery process, we cannot refund in this situation, please place an order after understanding, thank you

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