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COVERMARK Ultimate Premium Anti-Wrinkle Serum 150ml

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【Product Description】
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Conditioning and nourishing, the skin is filled with a bright and supple radiance.
Leaves skin supple, elastic, and radiant.

feature of product:
1. Add ingredients that keep skin hydrated and encapsulate moisture. Plump moisturizing effect, conditioning skin texture, skin full of elasticity.
2. Gently massage the skin with the temperature of the palm to help the product penetrate into the skin more effectively.

☼☽Use every morning and evening.
After cleansing the face, take an appropriate amount (about 2.5cm in diameter), use the entire palm, and gently massage the entire face and neck along the lymph nodes. The temperature of the hands will help the product to be absorbed.

Massage technique↓↓

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