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COVERMARK Extreme Top Anti-Wrinkle Cream Night Cream 30g

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【Product Description】

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#firming cream#night cream

Maintains the normal functioning of the skin, radiates radiance and improves from the inside of the skin, leaving the skin full of plumpness, radiance and elasticity.

feature of product
1. Keep the skin's defenses healthy.
2. Prevent rough skin problems and promote skin recovery to a good state.
3. In order to maintain the elasticity and luster after using the essence lotion and essence, a 3D three-dimensional "Micro gel net" is formed on the skin surface.
The next morning, you can feel the firmness of your skin in the palm of your hand.

1. Use at night; after the essence has been repaired and the essence penetrated, gently massage the entire face and neck.

Massage technique↓↓

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