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COVERMARK Mineral Mud Moisturizing Cleansing 125g with Foaming Sponge

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【Product Description】
Suitable for all skin types, highly recommended for dry skin.

It has 4 times the adsorption and cleaning power of charcoal, and is also rich in various minerals. Moroccan sea mud can absorb the 'garbage' in the pores very well.
Ceramide III + bromine forms a protective film. Improve the skin's self-protection ability, protect moisture after cleansing, and prevent moisture loss. Plus marine collagen forms a protective layer on the skin's surface for a smooth texture.
Licorice leaf extract will protect the ceramides, moisturizing and moisturizing the inside of the skin. In addition, the strawberry saxifrage extract adjusts the texture of the skin surface and makes the skin smooth.

When out of stock, it will take about ten working days to adjust the goods. Please understand before placing an order.

1. Squeeze a long strip (about 2cm) of the cleanser along the incision of the self-contained foaming sponge. Rinse and wet the foaming sponge beforehand.
2. Wrap the foaming net in the palm of your hand, and gently circle and foam.
3. After the thick bubbles appear, collect the bubbles, apply on the face, massage the face, and then rinse with water.
4. Drain the used foaming sponge and put it in a well-ventilated place.

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