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CANMAKE lip and cheek blush cream

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05 Sweet Apricot - a lovely and attractive apricot color suitable for all skin tones

07 Coral orange - full of happiness♪ Coral orange that lining the skin

14 Apple Buttercream - Natural Blush Like Baby Cheeks

19 Cinnamon Milk Tea - Gentle and Elegant Brown Shades

21 Sweet Tangerine Tea - Rich Coral Beige

CL01 bright red - full of blood

CL05 Translucent Coral Orange - freshly picked fruit-like moist and translucent coral orange

CL08 Worrying Strawberry - Pure Transparency Red

【Product Description】

Immediately after application, it develops color and has a creamy texture.

The advantage of blush cream is that it is more pigmented, more durable and more compliant than powder blush.

Contains hyaluronic acid, honey, royal jelly and other moisturizing ingredients.

The oily texture of water and water is easier to push on the cheeks.


① Dip the blush cream with your fingers and apply it on the cheeks by pressing.

②There must be connections between the points and the cheeks.

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