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CANMAKE Xiaoyan Contouring Cake

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01 Danish Brown - If you are hesitant, choose this color! Highly adaptable to the skin, a warm brown color that creates a natural soft shadow, recommended for fair skin or beginners.

03 Honey Brown ─ Matte light brown, very natural color, suitable for makeup beginners.

04 Matte Taupe – Taupe with a bluish tinge, suitable for cool-toned skin tones.

05 Light brown ─ suitable for yellowish skin.

【Product Description】

★Swipe to show your ideal face★

Smoothes along the cheeks for a sense of power, and comes with a flat brush that creates shadows naturally, making it easy to carry.

Small face powder specially developed for contouring, creating a soft focus effect to make the face shape more vivid. Contains a soft focus medium that refracts light and creates a luminous, pore-free complexion. Comes with a soft nylon bristle brush to make it easier to use. Hold the brush head vertically and apply powder to decorate the bridge of the nose, which can be used as a nose shadow.


Brush flat brush: lightly brush the part where you want to create shadows Brush upright: can create nose shadow effect

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