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Calypso Magic Lifting Firming Small Face Transparent Cream Moisturizing Type 25g

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Calypso Magic Tightening

● Miraculous Polymer Cleansing Facial Lines!
The miracle polymer imparts a firmness to the skin's surface and tightens the skin.

● Makeup gel UP & prevent makeup from collapsing A serum-based base makeup that has moisturizing and translucency, and improves makeup gel. Absorbs excess sebum and prevents makeup from falling off.

● Because it is a beauty serum, you don't need to wash your face , just apply it to sleep.

● Moisturizing♡ Flower Extract Combination (Moisturizing Type Only) Lavender Water, Chamomile Water, Edelweiss/Leaf Extract, Mallow Extract Mild floral fragrance

<How to use>
[Solid Skin] Magic Firming → Magic Foundation → Magic Concealer
[Suppin Style Beautiful Skin] Magic Firming → Magic Base Makeup → Magic Concealer
● The final powder will give you a beautiful finish.

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